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8049ETX-04 Tower Convertible Rack server chassis, supports rack mount and vertical mounting;Supports 04*SATA/SAS/NVME hot-swappable hard disks (NVME optional), Inneral 4*3.5” hard disk Bays;Supports Max 15.2"*13.2" (Eg:Supermicro X10DRG-Q/ X11DPG-QT/X12DPG-QT6/Taian S7106, etc.);Support 11 PCIE full-height expansion slots, can install 4 double-width GPUs, support Mainstream Nvidia 3080/3090/4080/4090 GPUs;Recommend the CRPS redundant power supply module Power board; 1300W, 1600W, 2000W,2700W etc Option.Standard 3 x 12038 (Middle) and 2 x 8038(Rear)Dual-balling high speed cooling fans;The  front door panel adopts high-density air inlet holes, has good heat dissipation duct;It‘s widely used in AI model training, deep learning, rendering, cloud computing and other fields.

    Form Factor

    Workstation,Tower&Rackmount Chassis

    M/B Form Factor

    Motherboard MAX 15.2"x13.2".

    Eg:Supermirco X10DRG-Q/X11DPG-QT/X12DPG-QT6/Tyan S7106 etc.

    Dimensions (Dx Wx H)

    650 x 437.5 x 176.5(mm)
    25.56" x 17.2" x 7"


    High quality Anti-finger 1.0 mm SGCC& Super ABS ROSHs

    Front Control

    1x Power On/Off, 1x System Reset, 2 x USB 3.0


    1x Power Status, 2x LAN Activity, 1x HDD Status 

    Hotswap Backplane

    1)6GB SATA Hot-swap Backplane (Default)

    2)12GB Mini SAS HD SGPIO Hot-swap Backplane(option)

    3)Nvme Hot-swap Backplane,support SATA/SAS/Nvme(option)

    Drive Bays

    External 3.5"/ 2.5"4(Hotswap,SATA/SAS/Nvme,Nvme optional)
    Internal 3.5"
    (/2*2.5" SSD hotswap HDD Trays Rear optional) 

    Slim DVD-ROM

    Cooling Fans

    Default 3x 120mm(T=38mm), PWM (Middle),
    (T=38mm), PWM(Rear)Dual-Balling Fans

    Expansion Slots

    11x Full Height

    PSU Form Factor

    Option CRPS 80Plus Platinum Redundant power supply.
    1300W,1600W,2000W,2400W,2700W,3000W etc.


    Coated Black (Others customized)


    Cloud Storage, Cloud Computer, Huge Storage,Datacenters, NVR, Security Monitor Industry etc.

    Net Weight


    Gross Weight


    Unit Carton Size 




    Option Item Part Number Description
    Slide Rail TR713 Rack Sliding Rails  
    Power Supply CRPS-1300W 80Plus Platinum CRPS Redundant PSU
    Power Supply CRPS-1600W 80Plus Platinum CRPS Redundant PSU
    Power Supply CRPS-2000W 80Plus Platinum CRPS Redundant PSU
    Power Supply CRPS-2700W 80Plus Platinum CRPS Redundant PSU
    Motherboard ASUS/Supermirco Becool 40x20mm PWM Dual-Balling 10,000RPM
    Optional BP 4*Nvme/SATA/SAS 12Gb Mini HD Nvme BP
    CPU Cooler 4U/Workstation LGA4189/1700/3647/SP3/SP5
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