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You are here: Home >> Products >> Accessory >> Server Cables
Mini SAS 36P STR to Mini SAS 36P SE
Mini SAS 36P STR to Mini SAS 36P SE


data communication
1. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)
2. Workstation
3. Rack Server
4. Server
5. Storage shelf
Features and benefits
1. The sending rate is 12Gbps.
2. Comply with SAs3.0 specification.
    Mechanical behavior
    Mating ability and non-mating ability
    Conditions: EIA 364-13. Insert and extract at a speed of 25 mm/min.
    Mating ability: maximum 55 nautical miles.
    Relief force: maximum 49 nautical miles.
    Electrical performance
    1. Contact current rating
    0.5 Maximum ampere per needle when mating.
    2. Voltage level
    30 volts per contact when mating or not mating.
    3. Contact resistance
    After the stress test, the maximum initial is 30mohm and the maximum is 15mohm.
    4 medium pressure
    500 volts, no failure in 1 minute.
    5. Insulation resistance
    At least 1000 moms.
    Signal integrity
    1. Matching connector impedance: 100 ohm ± 15%
    2. Absolute cable impedance: 100 ohm ± 10%
    3. Cable pair matching: ±5 ohm
    4. Common mode impedance: 25 to 40 ohms
    5. Insertion loss: -6Db up to 4.5Ghz; 11Db up to 9Ghz.
    6. Crosstalk: -35Db to 6Ghz
    Product environmental regulations
    RoHS2.0: Rohs2.0 compatible
    Low halogen status: not reviewed
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